ceviche, a very Peruvian dish
ceviche, a very Peruvian dish

If Korean food is having a moment in Melbourne, then Peruvian food is having a thousand moments all over the world. In 2011, culinary royalty Ferran Adrià endorsed Peruvian cuisine, pronouncing it the key to the future of gastronomy. In 2013, chef Alain Ducasse nominated Peru as a leading player in the global culinary scene.

Shortly after, Peruvian restaurant Lima in London was awarded a Michelin star. And two Peruvian restaurants (both in the capital Lima) have featured on this year’s World’s Top 50 Restaurants list.

While Peruvian cuisine is trending right now, not many Melburnians have tasted, or even know what Peruvian food really is.

In comes Carmen Barra, grandmother of eight, accidental trendsetter and owner of and chef at Mi Peru D’Carmen, Melbourne’s first all-Peruvian restaurant, which opened late last year… click here to read more…

Published in Broadsheet Melbourne 23 June 2014

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