Lucille Wong

Melbourne writer


The gem on Melbourne’s outskirts that’s getting new life Domain 2 May 2017


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What I know about breastfeeding as a second time mum The Guardian 30 March 2022
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From Hong Kong to Melbourne – my life between worlds SBS Life 14 September 2018
Secrets of a 64 year marriage The Big Issue 20 June – 4 July 2014
Wedded to the Idea The Big Issue 21 February – 6 March 2014





Chinese-Australians have our own history, not just half of each SBS Voices 13 October 2021
We need more role models of successful part-time working parents SBS Voices 27 April 2020
What if a truly inclusive mother’s group chat meant welcoming men? SBS Life 12 December 2020
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What Hong Kong’s extradition bill protests mean to my family SBS Life 17 June 2019
Four things I learnt at a women’s conference that are not baby-related Women’s Agenda 21 October 2014
Importing nannies is not the right solution to our childcare crisis Daily Life 15 April 2014
Caught in the act TNT (UK) 8 November 2003
Driving Miss Crazy: a P-plater’s lament The Age 11 November 2000


My Birth Story: I woke up in an ambulance Mamamia 17 February 2022
Mum survives liver failure, a bleeding disorder and give birth to healthy baby Kidspot 17 November 2021
Why I took the Covid vaccine at 29 weeks pregnant Kidspot 22 July 2021
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Trying to have a baby with endometriosis SBS Life 20 August 2018



Be a Local in Sai Ying Pun Tiger Tales Asia May/June 2015
Join Hilary McNevin’s French Culinary Tour Broadsheet Melbourne 8 April 2015
The Berlin Edit The Urban List Melbourne 22 February 2015
The Urban List’s Guide to Buenos Aires The Urban List Melbourne 7 December 2014
Be a Local in Northcote Tiger Tales Australia July/August 2014
Go cycling in Hong Kong Tiger Tales Asia July/August 2014
A modern family on the move The Australian 12 October 2013
Perils of a wrong turn in the Mekong Delta The Australian 28 July 2012
There is no such thing as a free flight The Age 13 November 2008

tigertalesaustralian_mastheadmasthead_ageFood and Drink
A Lune Croissant and Piccolina “Ice-Cream Sandwich” Broadsheet Melbourne 11 December 2017
Lune Pastries will be available at some Melbourne cafes Broadsheet Melbourne 6 February 2017
Lune Introduces the “Pain Hawaii” Broadsheet Melbourne 30 November 2016
Waterslide Bar Opens in Southbank Broadsheet Melbourne 15 July 2015
Cosy Winter Bars Broadsheet Sydney 9 July 2015
Warming Winter Cocktails Broadsheet Melbourne 7 July 2015
Cosy Winter Bars Broadsheet Melbourne 6 July 2015
A Day in Box Hill Broadsheet Melbourne 3 July 2015
Pierre Roelofs’ Dessert Evenings Move to Fancy Nance Broadsheet Melbourne 17 June 2015
Matt Wilkinson’s Jack Horner Opens in Brunswick East Broadsheet Melbourne 3 June 2015
Fancy Nance Opens Broadsheet Melbourne 2 June 2015
Winter (Night Market) is Coming Broadsheet Melbourne 13 May 2015
Bibelot Opens Next to Chez Dré Broadsheet Melbourne 13 May 2015
Babu Ji to Open in NYC Broadsheet Melbourne 21 April 2015
Paul Wilson to Open Lady Carolina Broadsheet Melbourne 19 March 2015
Revving up for Easey Street Smoke Out Broadsheet Melbourne 4 March 2015
Belle’s Hot Chicken to Open Bar Clarine Broadsheet Melbourne 4 March 2015
Adriano Zumbo to Open Fancy Nance Broadsheet Melbourne 3 March 2015
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Xiao Long Bao Broadsheet Melbourne 18 February 2015
Welcome Back, Estelle Broadsheet Melbourne 11 February 2015
Around the World in 11 Doughnuts The Urban List Melbourne 15 October 2014
Where to Find the Best German Food in Melbourne The Urban List Melbourne 12 October 2014
8 of the Best Crepes in Melbourne The Urban List Melbourne 28 September 2014
Melbourne’s Best Gourmet Doughnuts The Urban List Melbourne 24 September 2014
Where to find Melbourne’s Best Ceviche The Urban List Melbourne 27 August 2014
Bastille Day Done Your Way Broadsheet Melbourne 11 July 2014
Peruvian Comforts Broadsheet Melbourne 23 June 2014

broadsheet tul-logo
Aesop’s Fresh Look Broadsheet Melbourne 2 July 2015
Studio Visit: Robert Gordon Broadsheet Melbourne 23 June 2015
Our Favourite Vintage Fashion Broadsheet Melbourne 11 June 2015
Claude Maus to Close Broadsheet Melbourne 2 June 2015
Au Revoir Jean Paul Gaultier Broadsheet Melbourne 6 February 2015

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