Lucille Wong

Melbourne writer


I was blindsided by the demands of motherhood SBS Voices 13 December 2021
‘Impossible’: Decision fatigue was one of the worst things when I was infertile Kidspot 24 November 2021
I fell pregnant during a break from IVF Kidspot 21 June 2021

I feel guilty for using my elderly parents during COVID-19 Kidspot 29 September 2020
My sister is stranded in London but is it safe for her to fly home? SBS Voices 11 June 2020

The one thing IVF didn’t prepare me for – a baby Essential Baby 8 April 2019
My dad never expressed his feelings until I had a baby SBS Life 11 March 2019
Cost of breastfeeding Kidspot 27 February 2019
For me, giving birth was not as hard taking care of a newborn SBS Life 14 February 2019
I wish I listened when people told me breastfeeding was hard SBS Life 7 February 2019



My sister was my secret ally in my infertility struggles SBS Life 23 October 2018
From Hong Kong to Melbourne – my life between worlds SBS Life 14 September 2018


Secrets of a 64 year marriage The Big Issue 20 June – 4 July 2014
Wedded to the Idea The Big Issue 21 February – 6 March 2014


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