Kōbe beef is a type of wa-gyū (literally Japanese beef) that is bred exclusively in the Kōbe area. It is known for being delicious because the fat is marbled throughout the meat. As a steak lover, I was keen to sample this in its town of origin. On a recent trip to Japan with my girlfriend, we took a day trip to Kōbe. From Osaka, we caught the train. It took us 24 minutes and was ‘free’ with the Japan Rail pass.

We picked Misono, an iron grill restaurant from the Lonely Planet. We ordered 200g for ¥18900 ($184) to share. It was served with garlic flakes.

The chef was very meticulous in preparing it in front of us while telling us about the origin of the beef.

So was it worth it? 

The meat was tender and lean with delicious fatty bits throughout. If you’re a meat lover, you must try it for yourself. There is also the added novelty of eating it in Kōbe. I rate this as the top three steak experiences of my life.

$184 for 200g of Kōbe steak

Misono, 1-1-2 Shimoyamate-dori, Chuo-Ku, Kōbe, Misono Building, Floors 7 and 8, 650-0011